Easy Accounting Software to get you the Information you Need, Fast

Easy Accounting Software to get you the Information you Need, Fast

With its modern and streamlined design, Jonas Premier helps you find the information you need to successfully manage your business faster. The entire system is standardized, making it easy for any user to learn any screen. Additionally, the multi-tabbed interface allows for information to be compared easily, without the clutter of multiple windows. Complete your required tasks in fewer keystrokes, let the software do the work for you.

Jonas Premier specifically targets General Contractors. Through decades of experience we understand what reports contractors are looking for and what best practices are used in the construction industry. It’s easy for users to compare, jobs, change orders, estimates, financials, and much more. We also realize that many of our users commonly access external sites or third party applications like Outlook, estimating systems, weather network, bidding sites, health & safety forms, etc. Jonas Premier enables you to create your own centralized menu design that easily integrates these, which increases efficiency.

Every company is different and users may have multiple roles so it’s important to be able to configure reports quickly and easily. Premier has a SQL database which means you can access any data table or field and build reports that combine information across companies, divisions, and modules, getting you the information you need.

With Jonas Premier, we focus on making the accounting software decision easier by providing a business model that minimizes risk. Cloud based means there’s no server required, making it easy to install and faster to get started. Uniform design and flexibility in the product makes it easy for your staff to be trained quickly on a system that will be configured specifically for your company. With our SAAS model, you can get started with low cost and zero risk.

“Our approach is similar to a custom suit shop – we consult, tailor and provide a quality product.” explains Karoline Lapko, Vice President of Jonas Premier. “It’s through meaningful conversations that we accomplish great things and add true rich value to business. We know how important it is to better track costs and ensure you find the right software that enables you to double your growth with the same number of resources.”

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