We Do More! We set higher standards & meet expectations.

We aren’t like other software packages that take months to install. In just 30 hours we can help you deliver more profitable jobs, and create a simple environment without the frustration of complicated software.

After you go live, you will have a direct Customer Success Manager available so that you can easily pick up the phone and contact them at anytime. Any additional group training is at no additional cost. Our job is to make sure you are successful.

With a 88% ranking in customer support from a third party ranking system Software Advice, we understand the importance of delivering real value. Forrest Burnson, Market Resarch Associate at Software Advice provides insight into the excellent reviews Jonas Premier has received, “It is critical for software vendors to provide excellent customer support in this day and age. Especially in the construction industry, where a high premium is placed on trust, reputation and reliability. Jonas’ stellar track record for customer support sets the example that other vendors should follow.”

#1 Construction Cloud Software

  • True Cloud

  • Low Cost

  • Unlimited Training

  • Simple, Yet Powerful

  • Australian Localisation

  • Zero Risk