Value in Cloud Software for General Contractors
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Value in Cloud Software for General Contractors

As far as cloud software goes, there are many options available. Many can solve your immediate problems but how many add true value and help you grow?

Jonas Premier is one of the first cloud based integrated software solutions organically developed. We want to be the best at what we do so we focus on differentiating ourselves from other vendors by not trying to be everything for everyone – we design specifically for GCs who subcontract and this is why we have a product that is simple yet powerful.

Even though Premier is flexible and configurable to any businesses, we are very selective as to who we partner with as it significantly influences our development. We involve our clients in development so we can build applications, reports and features that mean something to you. We focus on automation, collaboration and integration because this is what the industry is asking for.

We invest substantial effort on consultation to teach your company best practices from some of the best managed companies in North America. We ask you questions that matter so that your team can become even more successful.

When it comes down to it, there are two common reasons people are looking for software:

  1. P&L – Detailed job costing to help manage profit and loss by job and company.
  2. Automation & Efficiency – to accomplish more and double in size with the same number of resources.

At Premier, we make this happen.  We always ask prospects – why can’t your company stay as is? Why does this change matter?  It’s through meaningful conversations that we accomplish great things and add true rich value to your business.

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