We Design Accounting & Job Cost Software only for Contractors so it’s easy for you to do what you do best.

We didn’t try to create software for everyone, we focused on contractors. We made certain to design a simple solution with the end users in mind. The number one priority for Premier is to design standard & intuitive screens that allow you to perform tasks quickly and effectively with the fewest key strokes. A proper accounting software for contractors is critical to a company success.  We would like to introduce you to a new software world of automation, collaboration and integration. Fully integrated accounting and job costing software for contractors.

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Product Modules


Multi-company, multi division and intercompany allocation. Customized dashboards with full drill down capability from summary to detailed financial data. Customized user security, control activated periods, one-click reversals etc. Fully integrated accounting software for contractors.

Key Modules
General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Bank Management

High Level Features
GST and BAS Reporting
Direct Deposit ABA Files
Subcontractor Payments Reporting
Multi Division/Company
Automated Intercompany Accounting
Accounting Period Control by Role/User
Bank Reconciliations
Single Click Transaction Reversals
Single Click Job Cost Corrections
Credit Cards & Online Payments
Electronic Invoice Approvals
Upload Data Entry via Spreadsheets
Monthly Budget Management
Built-in Financial Statement Designer
Automated Remittance Advices
Auto Invoice Hold Functions
AP Easy Part Payments
3-Way Matching – PO/Docket/Invoice
Full Audit Trail
Electronic Upload & Storage of invoices

Job Costing & Estimating

Track original and current estimates, committed and actual costs, change orders, estimate at completion. Detailed and summary reporting on job costing with up to five levels of job structure breakdown. Optional integration with excel and other 3rd party systems for estimating. Fully integrated accounting and job costing software for contractors.

Key Modules
Project Status Reports
Labour Costing
Commitment Management
High Level Features
Up to 5 Level Breakdown
Cost Code Grouping
Fully Audited Transaction History
Cost Control Rules per Job
Full Reporting
Budget Transfers
Monthly Forecasts
Purchase Orders
Flexible Cost Codes per Job

Project Management

Easily create and track key job documents including RFIs, Submittals, Transmittals, and Punch Lists etc. Real-time Mobile Apps available on iOS and android allow users to enter in daily job logs, employee or crew time and easily capture photos. Track schedules and expiry dates. Integrated with outlook it makes it easy to attach and send additional documents. Fully integrated accounting and job costing software for contractors.

Key Modules
Budget Management
Cloud RFI’s
Proposed Variations
Compliance Management (e.g. Insurances)
Purchase Orders
Mobile Site Diary
MS Project Integration
Contacts Management
Defects Management
Online Approval Workflows
Production Units
Meeting Minutes
High Level Features
Customise your Forms in MS Word
Transaction Level Template Selection
Excel Integration
Upload Data Using Excel
Outlook Integration & Auto-Attach Docs
MS Project Integration
Document Tracking & Approvals
Retention Management
Lump Sum or Cost Plus Projects
Automated Claims
Integrated With your Estimating Software
Use Custom Fields on Document Templates
Create Custom Fields
Bulk Creation of PO’s & Subcontracts
Internal Variations

Purchase Orders

Easily create single or blanket purchase orders, packing slips and purchase order receipts with built in approvals. Manage the various stages, add discounts, input inventory or non-inventory, track freight etc. Integrated to Accounts Payable with automated workflow approval for invoice allocation. With built in alerts and warnings, it helps project managers avoid overruns. Fully integrated accounting and job costing software for contractors.

Key Modules
Purchase Orders
PO Receipts
Delivery Dockets
High Level Features
Job Based Approval Workflows
Customise your Forms in MS Word
Transaction Level Template Selection
Single or Standing PO’s
Freight & Discounts
3-Way Matching – PO/Docket/Invoice
Accrual of Job Costs at Delivery for Daily Costings
Track Delivery Dockets
Delivery Scheduling
PO Completions for Commitment Management
Allocate to Overheads or Projects
Upload Supplier Product Lists
Material List Catalogues with Agreed Pricing
Integration with Inventory


Standard Job Invoicing, Progress Billing & T&M Billing for contractors. The Progress Billing can be managed by %, amount, and units with standard AIA forms 702/703s. Time & Material Billing lets you establish mark up tables by cost type, occupation codes etc. Set up non-recoverable items and construction management fee options. Fully integrated accounting and job costing software for contractors.

Key Modules
Time & Material Billing
Progress Claims – %/Unit/Amount/AIA
High Level Features
Mark-up Tables by Cost Type
Customized Billing Applications
Stored Material


Track all information related to subcontractors and receive alerts or warnings on expired certifications and compliances. Integrated with Accounts Payable and Change Orders and Progress Billing. Generate payment proposals subcontract change orders and easily access reports on billed amount, paid to date, contract and AP balance.  Fully integrated accounting and job costing software for contractors.

Key Modules
Subcontract Management
Payment Proposal
High Level Features
Compliance & Certificate Tracking
Retention Tracking & Auto Release
Pay when Paid – Auto Link to Progress Billing

Time & Expense

Easily track employee time with multi-occupation, multi-union/group and customizable pay codes. Copy time to a crew, track state and group fringes, deductions, expenses, prevailing wage etc. Enter in time directly to the job and cost item from the mobile app designed for construction contractors. Integrated with multiple 3rd party payroll systems including ADP, Payworks, Certipay, Quickbooks etc.  Fully integrated accounting and job costing software for contractors.

Key Modules
Time & Expense
High Level Features
Prevailing Wages
Occupation Codes
Groups & Crews
Copy Functionality
Union Reports

Document Management & Approvals

Documents generated out of Premier automatically store and tag to jobs, customers, subcontractors etc. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Excel & Word. Easily scan or upload any third party document including photos, voicemails, videos etc. Route your documents through multiple levels of approval. Project Managers can easily allocate the distribution for PO & AP Invoices prior to approval and final posting. With unlimited storage and external portals, you can easily share documents with customers and vendors.

Key Modules
Document Management Inbox
High Level Features
Workflow Approvals
Multiple Search Capability
Integration with Microsoft Office
Auto Document Tagging


Key Modules
Standard Reports
SQL – Export to any 3rd party
High Level Features
Drill-down Capability
Excel Templates
Alerts & Exception Reporting

Inventory & Equipment

Key Modules
Inventory Tracking
Equipment Tracking
High Level Features
Stocking Levels
Supplier Cost Tracking
Bill of Material & Serialization
Re-order & Valuations

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